deClutter Specialist

Clear out your clutter and make your house functional where things have a place and a sense of meaning. Make it easier to find things and have less stress. A functional house makes everyone living in it so much happier.

Free up your mind

Free up your clutter and free up your mind – it really works. It will give you mental and emotional freedom and the head space to concentrate on the important things in your life.

Sense of control

deCluttering gives you a sense of control instead of the feeling that your possessions control you but sometimes the ‘starting’ or ‘not knowing where to start’ is really hard. It’s my pleasure to help you with this.

It’s easy to do

If your home isn’t working well for you often we throw everything in a room and close the door. Instead of organising the clutter we often have a dumping room (it’s easy to do). I can help you clear that room and make it more functional again, suiting your needs and the dynamics of your family or life style.

Feel fantastic

decluttering makes you feel fantastic and almost a sense of relief. It also gives you a huge sense of achievement and increased pride in your house. This pride can also flow into the other parts of your life.

Sense of order

deCluttering will bring you a sense of order to your house, making you more productive . As you accomplish this, the whole family becomes ‘house proud’.

Great life skills

As you organise your clutter and work out what you want to keep your possessions take on a renewed sense of meaning and purpose. Plus the family can find things so they don’t always have to come and ask “Mum where is my ….?” This means less frustration for everyone. It also teaches the family to put things back where you found them, if you want to find them again! Great life skills for everyone to learn.

How I Help

Clutter happens for many reasons: People often hold onto clutter either because of something that’s happened in their past, or they hold onto things for their future. Some of us end up living in a smaller house or have to downsize and haven’t been able to let go of possessions. Maybe you have inherited your parents or in laws treasures (that aren’t your taste) and you feel obligated to hold onto them. Are you someone who likes to collect things? Are you emotionally connected to your stuff? Does it remind you of someone or somewhere special? Maybe you have a demanding job and work crazy hours. Or are you a busy Mum with kids and the toys have slowly taken over your house. Life sometimes takes us on an interesting journey and our house doesn’t reflect us or how we want to live.

Compassionately and respectfully help:

I will compassionately and respectfully help you organise your precious memories and sentimental possessions without judgement. It’s taken you many years to accumulate your belongings and I am very mindful of this.

Great Ideas and Organisational skills:

I want your declutter to have a lasting effect and storage plays a critical role. I will help you organise all areas of your house creating organised kitchens, laundries, organising kitchens, laundries, and linen cupboards and so much more. Even small items like kids artwork, certificates, keepsakes, photos can give you a positive feeling when they are organised too.

Unwanted Items:

I can help you make money from your unwanted items as I have an experienced knowledge of what is saleable and collectable. And if I don’t know I have great contacts with antique and second hand dealers and auction houses so this ensures you achieve the best price possible.


Lou’s Living supports many amazing charities locally and internationally. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than passing on your unwanted items so they can have a new life. I am more than happy to deliver to your choice of charity.


We love to recycle and are committed to helping the environment as much as possible. When decluttering, we use council hard rubbish collections where possible and metal, plastic , fabric, electrical , paint and oil recycle centres and green skips.