Making Homes Happy

My name is Lou and my mission is to make “Homes Happy” which in turn makes people happy.

My passion is helping others turn their decluttered house into a wonderful home.

I am an experienced declutter specialist and I am incredibly proud of the homes I have made “Happy” and the wonderful life changing effects this has on my clients.

Making homes happy

Our homes are a central part of our lives as we spend so much time in them. For those of you who are busy and want your home to a be sanctuary and enjoy the precious time you spend at home, I can help.

deClutter can change your life

I know how liberating it feels when the clutter is gone. I can change your life for the better. Peter Walsh says “Its’s not about the stuff, it’s about the space you want to create”.

Ability to renovate, organise and style homes.

The key to success is a sense of style and the ability to organise the home that is appealing to prospective buyers. A commercial focus is also required. I can deliver both.

Feng Shui

Lou is originally from New Zealand and now resides in the Adelaide Hills with her husband and family. She spent four years in Singapore where she studied Feng Shui at the Singapore Polytechnic College. I have travelled extensively and bring an eclectic and worldly design aesthetic that is balanced with practical creativity.


I have huge empathy for letting go of the ‘things’ in your house. Often our keepsakes have accumulated over a life time and are symbols and treasures from years of collecting. Maybe they have been left to us by someone special or family who have passed on. Letting go requires compassion and empathy to help you through this difficult time.

Enormously talented in finding a bargain

I hold a PhD in International shopping (according to my husband!!!). I am experienced and enormously talented in finding a bargain, seeking out unique items and pulling it all together to transform your home. I will take you to find the best options to suit your needs.

Understands that home styling

I understand first hand that home styling is not as glamourous as the reality TV shows portray. That’s why I have an awesome group of experienced tradies to call upon. I have had great success with issues that arise as a consequence of bereavement or divorce and I work with sensitivity to make your home styled and happy once again.

Have a house that is fun and enjoyed

My aim is for you to have a house that is fun, enjoyed, organised and where items have a place and are easily found. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and peace that comes from deCluttering. Together we can create a calm and peaceful environment so your house can become a safe haven.

Creating a home that reflects your character

I am conscious of creating a home that reflects your character, what’s important to you and with your sense of style and within your budget.