Making Homes Happy

My name is Lou and my mission is to make “Homes Happy” which in turn makes people happy.

My passion is helping others turn their decluttered house into a wonderful home.

I am an experienced declutter specialist and I am incredibly proud of the homes I have made “Happy” and the wonderful life changing effects this has on my clients.

Welcome to Lou’s Living

Sometimes the ‘starting’ or ‘not knowing where to start’ deCluttering, styling or downsizing can be really hard. It’s my pleasure to help you with this and help you to create a functional home where everything has its place and can be found! I compassionately and respectfully assist you to organise your precious memories and sentimental possessions without judgement. I want your deClutter to have a positive lasting effect and ensure your home has a sense of meaning and where things are easier to find making your life less stressful and your home happier!

I assist NDIS participants with decluttering services to improve their daily living and support their independence. This includes making client’s homes safer and making life easier by improving access to everyday essential items.

deClutter Specialist

Compassionate and respectful deCluttering to help you organise and enjoy your home.

Home Styling

Have your home looking fabulous with your own coordinated personal style!


Enjoy life in your new home organised and with all your treasured possessions.

Deceased Estates

Helping you in difficult times with a sensitive, compassionate and understanding service.

How I Help

I will compassionately and respectfully help you organise your precious memories and sentimental possessions, without judgment. I understand the value of saleable items and have great contacts with antique dealers and auction houses to help you make money. I also help you dispose of anything you don’t want to keep, I love it when unwanted items are passed onto a charity so they can have a new life.

Clutter happens for many reasons. I find people often hold onto clutter either because of something that’s happened in their past or they hold onto things for their future. Some of us end up living in a smaller house or have to downsize and haven’t been able to let go of possessions. Maybe you have inherited your parents treasures? Are you someone who likes to collect things? Are you emotionally connected to your stuff? Does it remind you of someone or somewhere special? Maybe you have a demanding job and work crazy hours. Or are you a busy Mum with kids and the toys have slowly taken over your house. Life sometimes takes us on an interesting journey and our house doesn’t reflect us or how we want to live.

Let's make your home happy

If you'd like to know more about how I can help you love your space and make your home happy, you're always welcome to get in touch to find out more about how I can help.

Lou was just wonderful in helping to completely refurbish my unit.I loved the way she listened to what I liked in relation to colour and style. Then she took me shopping and helped me purchase furniture and accessories at great prices. My place looks amazing . I now love coming home at the end of each day , It makes me so happy. I would highly recommend her.

Pam W, Mitcham

Lou is a gem ! Our house was looking a bit tired and I wanted to give it a make over but I am a very busy working Mum with zero time to look in shops to find the inspiration to declutter, let alone a make over! Lou was excited about the potential in our family home.I didn't feel intimidated at all, infact I felt excited and empowered by Lou's many clever and resourceful ideas! This lady sure knows where to find things on any budget! She would even send me a text or photo of items perfect for our house as she went about her travels. Thanks heaps and I look forward to doing the rest of the house with you.

Bec I, Bellevue Heights

Lou's skills and passion for home styling have helped me organise and style my house for sale. Being a single Man I wasn't confident to shop. Plus I was very confused with what was needed. Lou taught me about the new styles and fashions while still honouring my personal taste. This made me feel happy and confident in my house. Plus it added $1000's onto the value of my property. Lou took me on personalised shopping trips. I now know how to shop for soft furnishings, manchester and artwork. Lou even made shopping for cushions fun ! She also saved me money by knowing where to shop and for the best prices. I really appreciated Lou helping me prepare for the real estate photographer and open homes. She thought of details I would never have. Thanks a million .

Stan P, Bellevue Heights